• Local Emergency Planning

    Soteria Solutions helps local governments create and manage federally mandated Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs) in order to integrate hazmat planning and response within their jurisdictions.

  • First Responders

    Soteria Solutions advises first-responder fire departments and EMS in Texas how to update their hazmat capabilities and prepare to more effectively serve rapidly growing at-risk communities.

  • Risk Assessment/Reduction

    Soteria Solutions helps fire departments meet ISO requirements in order to lower homeowners’ insurance rates. ISO is the countrywide rating system that reflects a community’s local property fire protection.

Our Promise to You

Soteria Solutions is a Texas-based emergency sector consulting firm with strong roots in small communities dealing with hazmat issues created by the state's unique energy infrastructure and growing populations. We will help protect your community by providing broad-based, “all hazards” approach to emergency planning, preparedness and response.

Why choose us?
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We provide the expertise and resources to help clients build comprehensive plans for LEPCs, emergency responder preparedness and fire-service develop.

Soteria is the expert in “what-ifs” and “then what’s,” helping clients translate planning into actionable items that make topflight emergency response a reality.

We listen to your unique needs and community ccncerns, answering your questions and meeting your challenges with personal dedication and years of experience in dealing with small-town agencies.

Emergency communication is one thing. Two-way dialogue between Soteria and its clients and Soteria and stakeholders is another. We are open and transparent so everyone understands and is on board with the process of building community consensus about emergency response. 

Community Safety and Education

Soteria Solutions launches Safety Rocks Program to La Salle County school students May 29.

The region around La Salle County, Texas is an environment rich in natural resources. Oil and gas facilities prove to be a tempting place for south Texas youth to explore, often with deadly consequences.

In order to educate the public on the potential dangers of these sites, the La Salle County Commissioners Court and Soteria Solutions present: Safety Rocks! A school outreach program designed to educate youth on the dangers of oil sites, and the geologic formation of oil and gas from a rich marine ecosystem in the mid-cretaceous period.

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