mcmullenTILDEN (Feb. 1, 2016) — By-laws are in place and an executive committee was selected in February for McMullen County’s brand new Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC).

Soteria Solutions Principal Michelle Joseph says McMullen County is expected to announce the LEPC’s first meeting sometime in April 2016.

McMullen County hired Soteria Solutions in August 2015, to oversee the formation of its first LEPC. Texas-based Soteria Solutions LLC is the nation’s leading authority on emergency response planning for county and city governments.

According to its mission statement, the LEPC “enhance(s) citizen’s safety and reduce(s) risk through continuous improvement of emergency planning, preparedness, mitigation and public awareness in partnership with county residents, businesses, emergency responders and industry. Together with our partners we will exchange information and conduct pre-incident planning and as a result work effectively together in the event of a disaster or hazardous emergency.”

McMullen County Judge James Teal said, “Soteria Solutions has helped guide our community to advance our emergency response capabilities and the develop our LEPC. Michelle Joseph’s expertise has brought much-needed knowledge to aid in the expedient and efficient support to improve the safety of our citizens.”

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